Geoffrey Mckinnon

Geoffrey Mckinnon

Chief Executive Officer

A founding partner of Dragon Eye, Geoffrey has almost two decades’ experience in all areas of residential real estate, particularly in sales, marketing and development.

His long exposure to the Australian residential property market has given him a strong understanding of best practices in design, construction and delivery of medium density to high rise residential property.

Having started his career in project marketing, Geoffrey was responsible for the successful sales and marketing of over 1,400 apartments, totalling sales in excess of A$1 billion. He then moved into development, and has successfully delivered a diverse range of residential development projects across Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Several of his earliest investors are now closely involved with the management of Dragon Eye – an indication of the trust Geoffrey has established through his unwavering focus on quality and location.

Geoffrey is now committed to taking Dragon Eye to its next stage of success, creating a brand that is widely recognised for its outstanding developments and integrity.

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“Our investors are buying into a very unique lifestyle, and securing their future. Our commitment to transparency, our expertise in the Sydney market, and our focus on quality in every detail, makes a Dragon Eye Property like no other investment.”