Cain Mckinnon



Obtaining a degree – Bachelor of Urban Development specialising in Property Economics from Queensland University of Technology in2013, shortly thereafter Cain’s career began in Asset Management at McGee’s Property (Brisbane) where he co-managed a portfolio of 130 properties. After a solid foundation of skills was developed at McGee’s, Cain moved into a Project Management role at Ascot Project Management. AscotPM are a boutique firm tasked with the management of DEP’s developments since the company was established in 2009. There, Cain developed a keen eye for detail and successfully delivered multiple projects through design and construction.

Working alongside DEP’s Construction Manager, Barry Moss, Cain manages all developments from conception through to delivery ensuring consistent progress and successful outcomes for all DEP’s projects from the client side.  He does so by executing strategic planning, undertaking thorough analysis and approaching all situations with a practical mindset. Furthermore his responsibilities extend to overseeing all project financing and due diligence. Thus far in his career, he has already established himself as a dynamic professional with determination and enthusiasm that is unparalleled.